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Revealing My Underground Tested & Proven Formula That Rakes Over $7,885 Every Month Or More In Just 100 Days!"


"If you've been struggling online for a very long time or just started out as a newbie, then this is going to be the most important letter you will ever read..."

From the desk of: George Tee

Dear Friend,

I completely understand how you feel - I had been struggling for 3 years before I finally discovered this entire internet income system to make over $7,000 every month.

I know you are sick and tired of seeing everyone else making money online but yet you are still not making the money you deserve.

You are sick and tired of wasting time and money building a website up and it is not generating any profits for you.

You are sick and tired of waiting for the day that you no longer have to work in the job that you hate just to earn the pathetic pay the company is paying you. 

Now, here's the thing: All of these are about to change... 

You may be totally new to internet marketing or someone who have been struggling to make money online for quite some time but it didn't work out, and I completely understand that. That is why I'm going to be here to help you achieve your dreams online.

Who Am I & Why Should You Listen To Me?

My name is George Tee, and I'm an underground internet marketer who has been secretly making money online for 3-4 years. I'm so good at it that I'm able to drive 1,990,112 visitors to my websites in the year of Feb 2010 - Feb 2011.

Take a look at my traffic statistics below...

And I know exactly how to boost my website's visibility in the Search Engine:


I'm not here to show my about my results. That's not my intention at all. The reason why I'm showing you this is because I know that you are only interested in the 'real deal' and not some Tom, Dick and Harry claiming to be what he's not.

You see, I start off as a guy just like you who don't have any idea about "how to make money online". Back in 2005, I don't even have any slightest idea about how does Internet work.

But when I discovered the secret formula, I began to see my revenues and profits grow exponentially. And the best thing is this entire powerful online business formula is all on autopilot.

"George Has Left No Stone Unturned As He Meticuoulsy Takes You Step-By-Step To Empower You With Real Knowledge To Build A 4-Figures Income!"

First of all, I've known George for many years now and if there's one trait about George is his determination to make things work. And this is what so special about Internet Income Code, it's not another bunch of theories on how to make money and drive traffic.

These are the very strategies that drive results. Real world results... results that put money into your pockets. This course is MONSTROUS! George has left no stone unturned as he meticuoulsy takes you step-by-step to empower you with real knowledge to build a 4-figures income!

If you're looking to get started in Internet marketing or fighting hard for your first $1000 online, you need to give course an honest try. In fact, these strategies are capable of bringing your business to 5 figures/month easily. How do I know? I use them and it's just a matter of scaling to achieve 5 figures!

Get your fundamentals right! This course will provide you everything you need. Stop chasing rabbits now. Excel through basics and making a full time income online is easily possible!

Joel Chue

Here's the thing...

My Online Business Continues To Grow Every Single Month When I Figured Out The "Gold-Mining" Formula For An Evergreen Online Business...


Look at some of my previous months income from May 2010! It was only at around $3,000 - $4,000.


And this year 2011, I doubled my profits to $7,885 of profits a month from Clickbank! And the best thing is that it is 95% on autopilot...

January 2011 income

And in just a moment, I'm going to show you how my entire system generates over $7,000 of income every month for me.

However, to discover the exact system to achieve success isn't an easy process - At least, it wasn't easy for me.

I started trying to make money online back in 2006, and it wasn't until 2009 before I started seeing profits every month. In just a moment, I'm going to share with you the 3 most important lessons of my life that could help you to build a profitable business online.

And if you like these 3 free important lessons below, you'll want to know more..

"An Experienced And Proven Internet Marketer Shows Us The Essential Ingredients To Making Over $7,000 Per Month In Our Pyjamas..."

What strikes me most about the Internet Income code is its focus on helping you to build a solid online business by providing real value. You won't see 'black hat' or spam-laden methods here for making quick money. But rather, an experienced and proven Internet Marketer, George Tee, shows us the essential ingredients to making over $5000 per month in our pajamas.

For market research, I was inspired by the awesome hedgehog concept to dominate a market. In assessing a niche profitability, George Tee shares his incredible strategies of how to get repeated sales over and over again. I'll be plugging these, and many, many other ideas, straight into my online business and I'm certain they'll make a major difference! Thank you George!

Zac Zheng

3 Lessons I Learned From My 3 Year Journey To Make $7,000 Every Month...

When I first heard about internet marketing, I was around 20 years of age. Just like you, I read about internet marketers making millions online.

... and I thought if I could just make one tenth of it, I could make quite a good living out of the internet and save myself from a job.

Lesson #1: Tricks, Loopholes, Marketing Gimmicks Don't Last... Is Your Business On Shaky Foundation?

One of my first few websites created was based on the concept of RSS . In short, all you would need to do is to create dozens and dozes of blogs and slapped it up with Adsense and you will automatically drive a lot of traffic to your websites and making lots of money from it.

Back in 2005-2006, this method got really popular and they are claims that people make $10,000 easily in a month.

I bought myself the software and got into the game as well. The rules of that game were pretty simple, the more websites or blogs you can create, the more money you can make.

I thought this was a great opportunity but somehow, I didn't really make any money out from it - Google caught up with the game and changed their algorithms.

You see, the whole business model was fundamentally flawed! It was simply exploiting the search engines loopholes and playing games with the search engines. And once the search engine found out about these loopholes, they'll fix it and kill your entire business.

Can you imagine what will happen if you build your business based on such shaky foundation? Who is going to pay your bills when your business suddenly collapse one day?

Internet Success Is About The Proven System To Create Real Value To Your Customers...

It took me a while to realize that to be able to achieve sustainable success online, you would need a proven system to provide real value to your customers.

It takes the right system to get your business in front of your target audience, attracting their eyeballs, getting them interested in listening to you and eventually converting them into sales over and over again.

The quickest way to create a profitable and sustainable business is to learn from a mentor or an advisor who has build internet business upon solid foundations.

Lesson #2: Is Your Business Model Highly Leverage?

After realizing the fact that shortcuts, loopholes and spamming don't work, I started to explore other ways to provide value to the end customers.

In 2008, I started creating private label right products to sell in some forums where you can advertise and give a special offer to the members in it - known as Forum Special Offers.

I spent over $500 - $1,000 getting the products created (the articles, graphics, and I even had voice-overs for these products).

If you don't know what is Private Label Rights products, in short it means that people can buy your products and rename it as their own and sell it away.

I sold a couple of these products thinking that I could depend on this business model to make a living out of it. In fact, there were a couple of internet marketers gurus selling lots of private label products. And I thought I could be rich doing so too.

I was so wrong.

Let me explain...

The whole business model was far from perfect. This is a very difficult business that requires a lot of hardwork to create the products and the value of the product gets lesser and lesser when more customers bought your products.

Imagine 1,000 people selling the same product - The entire market would get saturated by the same product!

The worst thing is that it is extremely difficult to differentiate your products from someone else. Furthermore, it also took me at least 2-3 weeks before it is ready to be sold.

By the end of 2008, my entire profits were eroded as more and more competitors came into the game. Again, I was out of business again.

A Profitable & Sustainable Business Model Allows You To Build A Moat To Leverage & Defend Your Business

In order to build a business that can bring you profits in the long run, you would need to build a moat that can allow you to leverage on and defend your business. And that means new competitors are not able to enter the market easily to snatch away the profits from you.

That also means that your business is on autopilot so that you have the time to work on the certain aspect of your business to bring your business to the next level.

In fact, you would need a powerful system to build a strong moat that can defend your business from attacks from your competitors. There are a few levels of defense you would need to build here.

- Traffic Defense - Defend against traffic erosion
- Conversion Defense - Defend against decrease in conversion

Lesson #3: The 3 Interlinked Factors - Traffic, Offer and Conversion

At the beginning of my internet marketing journey, I thought that once I've created the website, the traffic would automatically come and I would make money without doing anything. As mentioned earlier, I bought a software and simply use it to build tons and tons of blogs.

Just like any beginner, I've no idea what really works!

As I slowly learned the ropes on internet marketing, there was this hype about Google Adwords and hence I decided to do some paid advertising. I drove the traffic to my salesletter and trying to convert it for my niche product. Sometimes I get a sale, sometimes I don't. But overall I was losing around $10 - $50 a day.

You see, paid traffic is risky for a beginner or a struggling marketer if you don't know what really works. In fact, besides promoting my own product, I was using paid traffic to make money online like Cost Per Action (CPA) & affiliate marketing.

By the end of 2008, I completely stopped all my paid advertising because I was simply losing lots of money!

The truth is traffic, offer and conversion are the 3 interlinked factors that make you money online.

If you don't know how to drive the right traffic to your website or your offer, then there is no way that you could make money online.

If you don't know what sells, you are simply wasting your time.

If you don't know how to convert, you can't make any money online.

"If You Know This Entire Formula In Internet Marketing, It Will Shorten The Entire Process Of Building A Nice Income Online..."

If time would ever go back again, this would be the ultimate program for me. George has the entire blueprint down that anyone who follow closely would definitely create a massive and long term income online.

I could not imagine anyone who bought this course couldn't make any money online. The idea is this, if you know this entire formula in internet marketing, it will shorten the entire process of building a nice income online.

There are so much juicy and advanced strategies and techniques that will boost your profits! Best of all, it is way simpler than you think.

Samuel Ng

I Was Sick And Tired Of Not Making Money Online & Was About To Give Up All Hopes On Making Money Online

I was on the brink of giving up all hopes on making money online. Demoralized, disappointed and depressed, I almost felt that internet marketing is not for me and maybe it's time to move on. After spending 2 to 3 years trying to make money online, I thought it's time to move on.

But here it is...

I made a decision at the lowest point of my life to give it a final try. After all, I got nothing much to lose but only the opportunity to be highly successful so I decided to analyze some of the highly successful internet businesses and test out all the various aspects of the models these businesses are using.

To cut the story short, after days after days of testing, I finally developed a highly scalable system that allows me to grow steadily over the months.

And that is why over the last 2 and a half months, while I was creating this entire program "Internet Income Code", my profits still rolling in and making me decent profits. And I'm going to show you how you can do it exactly.

The Step-By-Step Internet Business System That Rakes At Least $7,000 Of Sustainable & Passive Income In My Bank Account!

The Internet Income Code


I’ve dissected my entire business model to show you step by step how I built my entire online businesses that generate over $7,000 of automated full-time income every month!

Here's some of what you'll get from the Internet Income Code Course...

Internet Income Code #1 –
The Market Concept & Revolutionary Market Research

(45 Pages Of Jam-Packed Market Concept & Research Data)

Internet Income Code

This first module is one of the most important concept that you want to pay attention to. I'm going to show you some of most important lessons of my journey that you will never want to waste your time following the same path. This will determine whether you are making $500 a day or nothing at all.

But not to worry, I have adopted a powerful yet simple formula that makes you choose your business that only YOU will dominate in the long run!

Here's just a taste of what you'll discover...

What it really means to have a laser FOCUS, and how this FOCUS can set you free to unlimited hoards of cash forever!
How to use the 3 Circles Of Market Domination that will destroy and crush all your competitors to dust in the long run!

The secret tool that you have all along in your firefox browser to spy legally on your competitors' traffic sources. (Until now, no one have ever taught you how you can track your competitors' traffic sources)

The 5 MUST-DO competitive intelligence that you must prepare on your competitors and find out exactly what is working for them - model their strategies and you'll shorten your route to success by half
Why 99% of the people is not making lots of money from their websites... biggest mistake of choosing your niche and how you can avoid this misery.
My secret tool that I've been using to track the slightest tweaks on my competitors' landing page to find out exactly what converts for them. [watch the video #3.3]
How to enter a competitive market and dominate the market even though it is very competitive
Why 93% of the people have set themselves into the bottomless pit of unprofitable internet businesses... and how you can avoid this by doing the market profitability research
8 free market competition research tool that uncover profitable marketing campaigns that your competition has been using over and over again.
How to discover your internet gold mine that you have been sitting on for a long time - Turning your passion into a money making profitable business that could generate income for you that you could never dream of.
What's stopping most marketers from making more than $1,000 every month - You can simply avoid this by following this simple rule
How to gain maximum leverage to achieve the most results that boost your business exponentially - Start making money within 30 days!


Internet Income Code #2 –
Preparing Your Internet Income System

(72 Pages Of Information Loaded Of Internet Marketing Strategies)

Internet Income Code

This 2nd module is about preparing your system such that your website is ready to make massive amount of income on autopilot. I'm sure you have heard of the phase - "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." This step is critical to build your subscriber and customer database. It is about feeding them with value such that they will have a positive image about your business.

This is also your profit funnel where this system helps you to generate more and more income on autopilot. Not to worry if you have no experience at all because I've provided you with the templates I used to set up this profitable funnel.

In this module, you'll discover...

The fastest way to write your profit producing salesletter from scratch!

10 crucial elements to create a salesletter that sells - Create a salesletter that converts as much as 3-5%!

My favorite FREE program that you can use to create or edit unique squeeze pages or salesletter for your websites!

The most important reason why you want to create a blog and how to fully optimize your blog - Generate viral traffic and makes your list fall in love with you
The #1 important factor that makes your website a success or a flop - This is exactly how you can make your website sustainable and growing in the long run
How to create top-notch EBook or report (100 pages) for as little as $350 - $500. Discover my superb outsourcing strategy that I've been using to create best-selling products!
How to gather VALUABLE & USEFUL research to make your own product like a winner!
3 different kinds of crazy squeeze pages - the perfect moment for using each of them that will maximize your opt-in rates to the roof!
How to build POSITIVE relationship with your list and subscribers, transforming them to become hyper-responsive such that they buy from you over and over again.
Grab my personal squeeze templates that I've been using to convert as much as 30%, 40% or even as high as 54% conversion rates!
How to create highly valuable products even you are not an expert in the market and eventually become a bestseller in the market!
The profitable system that the gurus have been using to make at least $5.00 from every lead they get!
The 4 step system to build your internet empire that will make you at least $7,000 every month. (I hope someone had told me this before and I could have achieve so much more with this system)
How to search, keep, and hire the top notch writers to write or create ultimate profitable products for you.
3 key ingredients to turn your visitors into rabid prospects that are hunger for your valuable information that you are feeding to them
The most important factor to skyrocket your squeeze page conversion to as much as 60-70% opt-in rates!
5 attention grabbing techniques that practically glued your visitors eyeballs to the screen as you present your products.
The 4 scarcity method that can turn your visitors into FRANTIC buyers that click on the "Buy Now" button to purchase your product on the spot.
How to super-charge your post script (P.S.) such that it could increase your conversion rates by 150%. Advanced marketer will be wondering why haven't I done this yet!

My favourite sources to get professionally designed salesletter (like internet income code) done at a ridiculously low price of less than $50!

How to prepare your blog to transform into a traffic killer machine that brings in at least 1,000 visitors every single day!

Internet Income Code #3 –
How To Attract Swarms Of Targeted Visitors

(78 Pages Of Traffic Generation Secrets)

Internet Income Code

This 3rd module is about driving hoards of visitors streaming into your profit system. If you have trouble getting the traffic to your website, then this module is going to solve all your traffic sorrows.

For this module, it is all about FREE traffic sources that you can either do it yourself or outsource to someone to help you do it. The best thing is these traffic strategies are even more lucrative than the paid sources.

After apply the techniques that this module teaches, you will be able to get targeted traffic that you can turn them into readily customers.

In this module, you'll discover...

How to drive hoards of targeted visitors to your website through articles marketing (If people are going to tell you article marketing is a waste of time and money, I’ll show you the secrets involved to make it lucrative)
How to set up your profit system with social media sites such that you can buzz your social media friends on autopilot - all your messages will continue to be sent out and generate traffic and income for you!

My SEO strategy that push my websites to the #1 page of Google in some competitive keywords, kicking the competitors out of the game.
How to set your articles marketing totally on autopilot! - Learn how I train my writers to write killer articles and distribute to KEY articles directories for maximum exposure
Multiply your articles exposure to the infinite possibilities - how to send swarms of traffic from countless article directories.
How to multiply your traffic just by your description tag if your website is ranked in the search engine - If you haven't done this to your description tag, you'll be losing half the opportunity!
The #1 FREE social media tool that you must definitely use to fully automate your marketing campaigns and escalate it to the fullest!
How to multiply the EXPOSURE of every message by at least 35 times to magnify the value your provide to your followers or friends.
How to attract more than 34,000 followers for Twitter in just a short 2 months and turn them into your word of mouth machine!

The 3 effective ways to leverage on Facebook and build your brand instead of spamming - Spamming don't work!

The ultimate traffic generation that breaks down super competitive market - With this strategy, the more competitive the market, the easier for you to execute... (Pg. 64)
4 ways to discover highly successful blogs that would open their arms and welcome you - And you don't have to pay these blogs at all!
How to approach forum marketing the right way - You can forget everything you know about forum marketing
This ultimate simple strategy to drive over 200-400 subscribers in a single day - Repeat this process and you'll explode your autoresponder!
The 3 crucial factors that determine your search engine rankings. You don't want to mess this up or your website might get banned!
The 4 advanced linking principles that you want to pay attention that helps to push your website to the #1 position in your targeted keywords
One simple task that you want to consistently do for your social media profiles and forum marketing over a period of time - This will turn your business into a 6 figures income in the long run.
How to conceive spell-binding titles that will mesmerize your readers to your website!
And many more!

"My Entire Instant Income Code Is All This... And More!"

These 3 modules (with a total of over 180 pages of pure content) contains all my 3 years of pain, experience and journey towards the level of success I'm having. And I wished I had someone to guide me along 3 years ago and I could have shorten my internet business journey by half!

I have a question that I like you to participate with me:

Just a moment, imagine that if you want to become a great chef, how would you go about doing it?

a) Are you going to try and test out all the cooking by yourself and after you have taught yourself how to make overcooked food, burnt, and learn all the bad habits... 3 years later, you finally decided that you should go get a chef to teach you (now you have a hard time unlearning everything over again)?


b) Learn from a great chef who have cooked delicious foods in restaurants, and become a great chef in a short amount of time - a few years to only a few days?

The answer is very obvious right? My guess is that you will choose option (b) instead of option (a).

This applies to creating internet business as well.

You don't want to waste years of hard work, money, time and sweat to learn all the wrong stuff about internet marketing right? We went to a school for a reason right? Otherwise we could have stayed at home and learn all the knowledge by ourselves.

That's why I have created the Internet Income Code for you where I show you how you can avoid the mistakes that I've made and start with the basics to get your internet business foundation right...

To help you as much as possible, I'm also providing you with free squeeze page templates, emails marketing campaigns, and all the tools that I've been using to accelerate your process to success!

Here's the thing, as this is a highly extensive course, I providing you with video tutorials and so that you can look over my back at my entire process (I had even bought a new macbook pro to create this entire videos to make up for my lingustic abilities).

Internet Income Code Bonuses –
Video Series

(11 videos - 2-3 Hours Worth Of Pure Video Content)

These video bonuses are created for you to gain a clearer pespective of the entire internet business formula. I want to help you to kick-start your internet business as much as I can.

You will see how I use most of the tools that is taught in the modules to minimize the learning curve of learning how to use a new tool.

I've also applied some of these tools on some of the case study so that you can see how to use these tools effectively.

In this video bonus series, you'll discover...

How to spy on the competitors legally and know exactly their traffic sources, their social media presence, the keywords they are bidding on, the backlinks linking back to their websites, their conversion strategies.
Watch as I break down a niche for you and show you how you can dominate the entire market of that particular niche!

How to create a killer squeeze page and fix it with your autoresponder - Step by step squeeze page building process for you so that it becomes a breeze for YOU.
And many more!

Hey, that's not all yet! Here's another bonus that you will get if you purchase it today!

Internet Income Code Bonuses #2 –
Articles Marketing Guide (For Virtual Assistant)


Articles marketing can be quite a chore if you are going hate writing articles and you have to commit to writing every week. I totally understand how you feel and the only way is to get writers to do it and write it for you.

I've created this guide to train the writers to be highly professional traffic generation staff and write these articles on a consistent basis.

If you love writing and don't mine doing it yourself, you could apply these strategies to your writing and achieve tremendous traffic results from it.

I hope you see how powerful this whole program can help you make money online. I know it's bold to say, but I'm confident that once you set the entire Internet Income Code system up, you'll never struggle again to make money online!

"Sounds Great... But How Much Does This Course Cost?"

I'm going to be very frank with you.

You see, the reason why I created this Internet Income Code is because I love Internet Marketing so much that it is an extremely deep passion. And teaching others to build an Internet Marketing is what I love to do.

Here's the thing, I would need to charge this course enough such that it is worth my time and effort to teach it too, otherwise I could have spend the time building my internet business in other markets.

You could easily pay $497 for these information that you're getting inside Internet Income Code. In fact, that's the amount I charge for my monthly coaching program offer to private clients.

Now, as you are not going to have the close-up questions & answers that require my time and attention, you won't have to pay so much for this course.

I know you have seen other courses that can cost as much as $297 or $197. And these courses are not even providing so much powerful strategies and techniques that I'm giving you today.

So here's the thing, I'm going to make you this offer that it is too good to miss. You are going to get the entire Internet Income Code course for...

Not $497...

Not $297...

Not even $197... Or even $97...

For a limited time only, you are going to get the entire package for ONLY $47!

Your ONE-TIME Investment Is Just
$497 $297 $197 $97 *$47* For Everything!

Warning: this is an introductory price as it is still in the beta stage of the development. There are more internet marketing strategies to be added. Hence, once the beta stage is over, I'm going to raise the price to $97, and then $127 or even more!


"Your 60-Day, RISK-FREE, 100% Money Back Guarantee "

I created Internet Income Code to give you the entire system step-by-step way to create a real internet business online that makes you passive income over and over again.

I am so confident about our Internet Income Code System, I am offering a 60 days 100% money back guaranteed should you decide that it is not working for you, I would refund your money back with no question asked.

BUT I still want you to keep the course! Because I believe that even if you don't find it useful now, I believe that one day it will play an important role in your online business. I guarantee it will. This is my unbreakable faith in the value that my whole course offers.


"The Choice Is Yours!"

Now with the 60 days money back guarantee, I have shift all your risk from you to myself and you practically have no risk at all.

You can easily close this page, and begin your years and years of testing before you are able to reach the kind of success you want in the internet.

Or you could easily invest in your internet marketing knowledge, and get this entire Internet Income Code at a ridiculously discounted price (while stock lasts).

Now, I'm going to leave the decision up to you to decide but don't make the decision too long because this offer is not going to last forever!


YES George, Give Me Instant Access To Internet Income Code!

I Want To Make Huge Passive Internet Business Income Today!

  • I understand I'll be signing up for the entire"Internet Income Code" package for just a measly one-time investment of $497, $197, $127, $97, 47.00.

  • On top of that, I also understand that my investment is protected by your 100% 60-Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

HONESTe Online Member Seal Click to verify - Before you buy!

100% satisfaction guarantee

(We reserve the right to end this offer at anytime without warning.)

As soon as you order and pay for the package on Clickbank's secure server, you will be directed to the download page, where you can download your entire Internet Income Code package and get started IMMEDIATELY. The entire package is in PDF and .mov format, which can be viewed on any computer (PC or MAC). You can read it on your computer screen or you can even print out your own hard copy.

To your online success,

P.S.: Remember, I'm currently offering the introductory price of $47 because the entire course is still in it's beta stage. After which, I'm going to raise the price after the beta is completed. It'll be at least a $30 increase to $77.

Grab this limited offer while it still lasts

P.P.S.: Remember your order is 100% no-risk for 60 days. If you think that the package is not for you, you can simply get a 100% money back, no question asked! There is absolutely nothing to lose if you order it now!



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